Farewell to a dancing ’17. Hello to a grand ’18

Farewell to a dancing ’17. Hello to a grand ’18

Here, we reach that time of the year, when we somehow slow down from within. Winter didn’t arrive that early this year and we were still experiencing autumn like weather at a time it used to be snowing several years ago. Well, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all, we still had a lot of rain and with rain, we saw lots of rainbows as well. Here comes a lesson I’ve learnt by heart in the several years that passed by, that even at the times of hardships and adversities, there remains good things to rejoice about. As they say, look for the rainbow in every storm.

Look for the rainbow in everystorm

The golden leaves scattered all over the streets, not only add beauty to the sight but rather and clearly states that letting go is an inevitable part of life and that sometimes letting go can be as beautiful as these golden leaves. The weather kept on fluctuating, sometimes it was sunny and at other times it was raining and again change is an inevitable part of life and a necessity to grow and move on to a higher level.

As the leaves 🍃 fall from the trees they remind us, how beautiful it is to let go 🍂🍁
I wish you enough rain (to be cont,)
to appreciate the sun more 🙂

I kept on watching the birds migrating towards some warmer lands down to the south and yes I learnt with time, that its ok to leave when I longer feel that I am comfortable with my surroundings just like migrating birds, humans are constantly looking for warmer places to call home perhaps not from a pure climatic point of view.

And December also brings many nice Christmas markets to Germany, a chance to have a hot drink while shopping for some handmade crafts or buying some delicious Christmas cookies or simply take a stroll along the beautifully decorated streets of the town.

On the 6th of December, Saint Nicolas visited my doorstep and left me a very cute Christmas tree and a chocolate with a note to remind me that I am loved 🙂

It did finally snow 🙂 and there is no feeling that is more enchanting than the feelings I have when I wake up to see the garden outside my window covered in snow for the first time in the year. I should probably know that by the time I lose this excitement that I have grown old and I am no longer young.

I spent this Christmas day with my German family, the Bieslers, in Mönchengladbach and I am very thankful for the Bees, for always welcoming me into their family gatherings and providing me with so much love and support.Of course, you can easily tell from the photos that Mama Bees is the master Chef of soul food 🙂 and there is nothing that beats the taste of her sweet Christmas fruit cake.

Well, here comes the moment of truth, sitting down trying to soak a long year that was full of events, travels and experiences.I am still actively pursuing my dreams but towards the end of the year, I am glad to say that some of these dreams are finally taking a concrete shape and yes there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

One thing that I learnt from my sort of nomadic life style and a year that started in Nairobi and ended in Bonn, that its okay to not have a perfect start, all what it matters to just start somewhere, later on pieces start to fall perfectly into their place.

Perhaps in the past I was afraid of people thinking that I am too full of myself but I began to realize that its only when I am full of myself that I can pour and give to others and until then, I am occupied keeping myself full by being my own boss.

Trying to maintain a positive outlook when the going gets tough is difficult but its a virtue worth being practiced and mastered.The key is to hang on, remain patient and persistent until you get hold of things and find yourself back on track.

With time and experience, I figured that life doesn’t get easier and therefore I should get stronger. I should keep on dreaming even if everyone else laughed about my dreams. On thing I learnt the hard way is to never ever allow others to tell me how am I supposed to live my life.

That its okay to feel and to the contrary of what others would say when negatively picking on someone and saying he/she is being emotional. My feelings are valid, its ok to not be always ok, its normal to be sad, mad or upset, but its more important to learn that everything at the end will fade away and things are going to be ok.

Its important to occupy yourself with exciting things, things that would drive you mad to the point you would spend many nights sleepless thinking about them, things that you will constantly talk about until everyone else would think you are going insane. Don’t be afraid to stand out, do your own thing, forget about being a copy cat, everyone these days wants to be a unicorn.Unicorns are awesome creatures.

Looking back in retrospect, I can say that there are no mistakes in life, anything that did not seem right back then was part of the master plan. How did I know, because I was not at ease with myself. And when I was not at ease with myself is when I took detours towards the path I deserved to be on.

Today as I look back, with very little regrets, I know that I lived my year to the fullest and I did the best I could and this gives me a great feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

This time of the year is also a time to show appreciation and gratitude to everyone who was part of my 2017 and helped me make the best out of it. My mum & dad,sisters & brothers who have been very supportive and encouraging to me. You know how much you mean to me and how much I miss you 🙂

My loyal friends who are there for me whenever I laugh or weep, thank you for being trustworthy, thoughtful and honest with me.

My supervisor, who to the contrary of the gif image below, you are one of the best things that happened to me in my entire life 🙂

Its time now to celebrate and welcome a new year, turn the chapter on a year that is passing by and leave the past to where it belongs: behind .

I hope the new year will bring alot of good vibes, enriching encounters, happy moments and above all great health and spirit.

New year.. New resolutions.. New dreams..New goals…New hopes…New goals..New aspirations..Farewell to a dancing 2017 and may it be a grand 2018

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