Berlin Calling (again and again and again)

Berlin Calling (again and again and again)

“Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”~Mahatma Gandhi

I would like to live my life to the fullest. I would like to be able to look back and say: been there, seen that and done this than to look back and say what if?

I prefer to err and fall than to stand still, at least I will eventually learn from my mistakes and become a better version of myself if I challenge myself and get out of my comfort zones.

And if there is one city in this whole wide world that would be able to show you the meaning of living life to the fullest and getting up after being brought down to your  knees, then it must be nowhere else but Berlin. For Marwa, it is always a pleasure to visit Berlin and this was her  11th visit and hopefully not the last in the past 6 years. If you would like to read more about Berlin, then feel free to go back to my previous posts.

I visited Berlin this time to deliver a lecture on the nutrition quality of black soldier flies at INSECTA 2017 (International Symposium on Insects as Feed, Food and Non-Food). INSECTA 2017 was jointly organized by Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) and Pilot Pflanzenöltechnologie Magdeburg (PPM). The conference aim was to give an overview of the state-of-the-art of insect technology and the prospects and constraints of the use of insects as food, feed and non-food in Europe and worldwide.

Keynote speakers were : Prof. Dr. Harry Aiking who delivered a talk about food sustainability and security, Prof. Dr. Thomas Potthast who spoke about the ethics of insects consumption in food systems and last but not least Prof. Dr. Andreas Vilcinskas whose talk was more related to insects biotechnology and innovation. With around 240 participants, the conference was a chance to meet up and exchange thoughts and research progress on insects as food, feed and non-food not only with scientists but representatives of related industries, policy makers, media and consumers as well.

For further information regarding INSECTA 2017 please visit the following links

My time in Berlin passed very fast and it was and will ever be a pleasure to have a walk through the beautiful Tiergarten.

From the heart of Berlin, Karl-Heinz,Andrea and Jens you are always on my mind and I will never forget the great times we shared in my first visit to Berlin.

You can try your best to plan ahead of time, you can try your best to stick to your plans, and however destiny has its say and in many times it is against your plan. A bomb that was asleep since the WWW 2 decided to expose itself in Koeln Bonn airport the afternoon I was supposed to fly back to Bonn. The airport had to close as specialists diffused the bomb, many flights including mine were delayed and unlike Cinderella, I reached home way past midnight, I did not leave some glass slippers behind nor a charming prince was on a hunt mission this time 🙂

Some further impressions from Berlin below, coming next is our Tropentag workshop on Edible Insects.. Stay tuned

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